The  Jeweled Bird


Joan Berlow-Smith, owner and designer


Joan has over 20 years of decorating and artistic arrangement experience.  She has been known for the “BIRD HOUSE” gift baskets, popular in past years at local hospital gift shops as well as private orders of up to 90 baskets from a client.

Joan has artistic vision and saw the potential of what has become The Jeweled Bird.  Whether she designs or displays by color, style or other visual means, Joan’s reputation for the fine touch is well known.  She is wonderful helping our patrons determine what is right for their personal or gift giving taste.  Having resided in Britain , Canada and the United States, her thinking is international in scope.

By name and merchandising, The Jeweled Bird will allow you to see Joan’s passion for birds, nature, sparkle and all things beautiful.  She hand-picks the lines we carry with thought, precision and complementary display ideas.



Samuel Posin, consultant and jewelry expert


Samuel has over 35 years of jewelry experience in the Ohio Valley, in addition to overseeing operations in Pittsburgh, PA, Charleston, WV and Columbus, OH.  As an appraiser and gemologist, he is familiar with all styles of fine jewelry.  His knowledge of manufacturing and designing of many traditional and exquisite pieces assists in fulfilling client’s needs.  Samuel‘s vast understanding and appreciation for gift items and collectibles enables customers to obtain the information they require.  “No “is not in his vocabulary when it comes to filling any request or desire.



Kerry Filler, designer


Kerry combines a natural flair for design and 20 years of experience teaching sewing and art in Philadelphia.  Her knowledge of color texture and shape and fine stitching are translated into beautiful lace, silk and quilted creations.







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